HTML5 plugin docs

Plain js and express backend with multer

Here you must integrate the code yourself.

As there is no framework to encapsulate and give a shrink wrapped solution like the framework plugins.

However that said this document tries to help you in that endeavor in best manner possible.

Components of the plugin

The progress-up plugin is composed of some moving parts.

The most important ones are

  • Tailwind CSS
  • progress indicators
  • Config file config.js
  • HTML5 drag and drop
  • HTML5 file upload protocol
  • Input file element

So for you to use the HTML5 code in progress-up directly in your app the only way is to copy paste the code into your application.

Should you need help to do so we could help.

But you are better off using some popular framework instead of using HTML5 directly.

That will significantly speed up your development and it will also help maintain the code base in future.

This incurs less technical debt which is helpful in the long run.

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