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How does HTML5 file uploading work?

How does file upload work?

File upload works in a rather simple way.

This thread illustrates it.

Most uploads use HTTP POST or PUT method to accomplish file upload.

HTTP has a progress event to keep us displaying ETA, bytes uploaded along with other data which we can use to show progress.

It is really useful to get this progress display right and engaging and that is the primary purpose of this plugin.

All others are mere details.


This article Which backend file uploader to choose? can teach you a lot about the communication between file upload frontend and backend.

In this project Express is used. We could use anything that matches the files array name we give in the frontend.

The protocol to be used should be multipart-form-data and method should be POST.

That is the reason there is a test upload feature in the tool.


The frontend is the one doing all the heavy-lifting.

That is the reason there is preview, upload progress display, statistics reporting and other goodies.

However you may wish to do more or less.

Simply by plugging this into your applications you can solve a very important problem in a cool way.


The backend of file upload is described in this Twitter thread.

A file upload process is communication between frontend and backend using a agreed upon protocol.

This plugin focuses on the frontend but the backend must be setup correctly to work properly.

And the frontend supports a test upload feature to test the basic protocol with the backend.

Whenever you get stuck, it is best to check the test upload to see if the backend is reachable and if things are setup correctly.

Also the frontend does not allow you to upload till some things are configured and the values make sense.

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